Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goofy Faces and Other Things

So, I put Jayce and Grayson through a mini-photo shoot (by way of my cheap, non-professional camera!) yesterday. Enjoy the results!
Jayce was not excited by the thought of his picture being taken...
But it wasn't hard to convince him to smile for the camera.
Grayson tried sitting up unassisted for a while! Well, we did have the boppy in place should he decide to tumble. Can you see his new ducky best friend?
Jayce playing peek-a-boo
Say cheese!
Then the goofy faces begin...
He's telling me that Grayson "poke eye" - it happened about 3 1/2 months ago!!
Have you ever read "The Drays Today"? My cousin write that blog - I think that Jayce looks an awful lot like "Snug" in this picture.
More goofy-ness ensues!
What can I say, I thought it was funny and began to laugh along - it only increased the production of goofy faces. Grayson was always camera ready though! And check it out! They are holding hands... aww!
Jayce got all bundled up to go to a friend's house last night. The mittens and coat are still a little big...
Trying on our snowsuit - we plan on sledding at Nana and Papa's house this weekend!!

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Jenney said...

Well...they ARE related! So sorry we won't see you guys this Christmas :o(