Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dinner with Grandma D

Well, I suppose that Nana and Papa also came too. But Grandma D. was Jayce's special request! Here's he's either throwing kisses or stuffing his face with those yummy homemade biscuits that The Cracker Barrel makes. I choose to believe the first option because it's a much cuter scenario!
I actually came out from behind the camera for a couple of cute shots. And yes, before you ask, I am calling myself cute - at least in this picture! I've told Jeremy a ton of times that I want to get my hair cut so it actually looks like this - it was in the process of falling out of a ponytail when the picture was taken. I'm making an appointment tomorrow!
Jeremy was resisting the paparazzi - however, resistance is futile! Mwah, hah, hah! (evil laughter)
Nana and Grayson got some smiles in... although I'm wondering where those smiles are at tonight. It seems that both boys have woken up from naptime with foul moods!
Papa and Jayce. They are such good buddies.
Papa and Grayson.
Grandma D. getting in her lovin' before we went our separate ways. Now we are looking forward to next weekend when we'll get to see the whole family - we miss them so!

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Lacey said...

they did good even with no naps?? ;)