Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tree A-Decoratin'

So, this morning we finally got a chance to decorate our Christmas tree as a family. And believe me, the entire family helped out! Yes, dog and cat included...
When Jeremy and I put our tree up, we moved around our living room a little bit. Afterall, we've lived in this house for almost 6 years, and we've never really done anything different with the organization of the living room - mostly because it's kind of a difficult set-up to really move things around much - but I think that it looks much more open and better organized the way we have it now! Here's how it looked just after we started decorating.
Of course, Jayce was a big helper with putting the ornaments on the tree...
Oh wait. He was actually trying to hang the cat's toy on the tree. The entire time. I pretty much convinced him to hang only one ornament. The rest of the time he was hanging the ball on the tree's lights.
See, the cat helped. Charlie mostly just laid in this box - but she, er... helped by holding down the tissue paper, er... keeping it warm, er.... Ok, maybe she didn't necessarily help, but she looked cute in her box.
I snuck in a picture of Jayce with the tree before he ran off to play.
And here's Grayson looking adorable as ever. That was his contribution.
The finished product! Merry Christmas!!!


Assistant Ring Master said...

First I need to admit that I read your cousin's blog - The Drays Today. Now I can tell you that in the picture you snapped of Jayce right before he ran away from the tree, he looks a lot like "Snug"!
Also, of course you may connect my blog to yours (as I already connected yours to mine!) At first I thought a blog might be too personal a look into my life but then I got over it!

Kim said...

So, is the tree where the tv unit used to be? Looks good!