Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning holds some very cool traditions for both Jeremy and my families. Jeremy's family usually had creamed eggs and sweet bread for breakfast and then spent the whole day opening presents because his dad would put codes on the gifts and the kids had to figure out the codes. My family would host a big Christmas morning breakfast of egg casserole and monkey bread for anyone who wanted to stop by. I remember many Christmas mornings that started with us opening gifts until it was time to stop and shake up the biscuits in the cinnamon-sugar mix and get breakfast ready. I've done my best to try to mix our family traditions to create something that we can do every year in our household. We've decided to have monkey bread and creamed eggs for breakfast - this year Jayce got in on the action with helping me get breakfast ready!!

After starting breakfast, we had to get dressed. Jayce was hovering near the tree just waiting for us to say go so he could start opening all of the presents under the tree.
All dressed up in his Christmas shirt!
Grayson was starting to wonder if he was going to get to open some presents too!
Finally, the first gift. Jayce got a basketball...
To go with this really big gift! Any guesses as to what it was??
A basketball hoop! Jayce was really excited to open his (their - it was kind of for Grayson too, but he won't be using it for a while) basketball hoop!
Grayson is wondering how long it will be until he will be big enough to play with it too!
He started playing with it before it was completely unwrapped.
After some convincing (we were already running late for Grandma and Grandpa's house), Jayce opened up some more gifts. Here are some wooden cars, boats, and a helicopter.
Grayson finally got a turn to open something. He did get a little bit of assistance.
Grayson was a HUGE fan of this loop-y toy. He grabbed right on and is still fascinated by it!
Jeremy finally got a turn to open something - he also "required" a little bit of assistance.
Jeremy sporting his new coat.
Our family breakfast on Christmas morning. Mmm... yummy monkey bread!
Grayson opening another toy. He's not as much of a fan of this one... he tends to cry when he sees it. I don't get it.
More toys, more toys, more toys... I have to find a place to put all of this stuff!
What a big boy helper. He was excited to help us clean up all of the wrapping paper. I hope that's a family tradition that continues!
Say cheese!
By the end of the morning, Grayson was exhausted. He fell asleep while opening up his last gift.
We finished up opening our presents and cleaned up from breakfast, and we were off to Grandma and Grandpa's house for more celebrating with family!


Jenney said...

Merry Christmas! I loved the video of Jayce shaking the cinnamon bag. James did the same thing for me Christmas Eve. Had to make monkey bread here if we weren't going to make it to your mom's house. James has the same jammies that Grayson is wearing, so when he needs a 2T (in like a month) he can wear ours and he'll think they are the same ones! Grayson is in 18 month clothes??? Are you having to buy all new stuff, or is some of Jayce's able to be used? If we lived closer I'd let you borrow our 18 month clothes and then Grayson could hand them back down to his big cousin. I think I need some of your milk please, because Jackson is not gaining weight well. Just freeze some and send it my way. Your pictures were great, especially the basketball hoop ones. I miss you guys and can't wait to get more pictures of our boys together and have them play. Your kids make me smile!

Kim said...

I have to admit, you are starting your little ones on helping with the monkey bread sooner than I did! Loved the video and the pictures! Looking forward to babysitting the boys!

Erin Morgan said...

Melissa - I love how you blended the two traditions! And got Jayce to help with the Monkey bread! My mom always got up and made it while we were still sleeping, and I did that too this year. Perhaps next year, I'll have Finn help me! He'd love it! And he'll be Jayce's age too!! :)