Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Mahan-Style

The family sitting down to "Christmas" dinner - or the dinner we had before having our Christmas with my family. Kevin and Rachel were in town this year, and Jeremy, the kids, and I went over to celebrate a couple of days before Christmas (we like to spend Christmas morning at our house with our kids).
Jeremy and I.
Nana lovin' on Grayson, who is supporting Michigan.
Uncle Kevin and Aunti Rachel got the task of getting Grayson changed into another outfit after he spit-up all over the Michigan outfit... Check out Grayson's face. Do you think he's enjoying this??
This video starts out with Jayce and Jeremy playing a game (All fall down) together, but you do catch a glimpse of Kevin and Rachel struggling with Grayson. I find it funny! At the very end you can hear Grayson starting to scream - I turned off the video to go help Uncle and Aunti.

Their finished product. In steps Mommy to the rescue! (I'm pretty sure Grayson was never so relieved to see me...) Notice only one arm made it into the outfit... At least they were willing to try!
One of my favorite gifts that Jayce got this year was a set of pajamas. Uncle Kevin and Aunti Rachel really did well when they picked out these Superman pj's. Jayce was definitely not interested in them, but the rest of us LOVED them.
Check out this video and see how much we all loved the pj's!!

Posing for the camera!
Uncle Kevin and Aunti Rachel. With their gifts from us.
Jayce had been getting stuffed Disney characters all weekend. First Pluto (he immediately asked for Mickey Mouse - what a kid), then Mickey, and finally Goofy!
Uncle Kevin, Aunti Rachel and Jayce.
Jeremy surprised me with a gift at this Christmas. I thought we were exchanging gifts at home, but he brought it along! It was a remote starter for my car!!! I was definitely VERY surprised!
Here's Grayson playing with a toy that Nana and Papa got for him.
And Grayson thought he should be able to help Nana and Papa open some gifts too.
Jayce had lots of fun opening gifts. He is still asking for "more presents" - I'm not sure what we are going to do about that... I keep telling him that it's time to play with our new toys.
We ended our night with playing cards and just hanging out with our Mahan-side of the family. What a great night! Thanks to everyone for all of the amazing memories and fun stuff. Missing you guys already!

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