Monday, December 1, 2008

Bonus Pictures!

Here's a few bonus pictures from the past week that didn't make it into previous posts! Enjoy!

Jayce pretty much attacking Grayson with love. Grayson takes it so well! You can tell by the way that Grayson looks at Jayce that he loves him.
Nana and Papa also brought Grayson presents for Jayce's birthday (and really for Christmas - just a little early!). It was a "Bumbo" seat and tray. The only downfall... Grayson is too big for it! I guess they don't expect 3 month old babies to be quite so big...
Grayson and Aunti Kalena hanging out on Thanksgiving.
We introduced Jayce to Bob and Larry (Veggietales) this past weekend. This is how he looked through 40 minutes of the 49 minute movie. Jeremy and I were playing card with my parents and we heard a thump and looked over to Jayce and he had fallen out of his chair! I guess Bob and Larry are just that mesmerizing!
We start them young in our family! Grayson loved getting in on the action at the card table! He tried telling Nana which card to play, but she just didn't listen... that was the game she lost!
You know every kid does it... I just happened to catch mine on camera.
Notice the mismatching socks. My mom mentioned that Grayson needed socks, and Jayce found one on the floor by the laundry basket and brought it over. Therefore, Grayson had to wear the red one with the white socks he already had on... What a great big brother!
Jeremy got out Jayce's tool belt - he loves feeling like a big boy working with his tools. Jeremy had to replace his car battery this weekend and Jayce helped out. He got all of Jeremy's wrenches and screwdrivers out and placed them on bolts and screws on his Jeremy's car! My child is brilliant!!!
So, Grayson suprised us all today and rolled over for the first time. From his belly to his back. When he landed, he looked at me like he was thinking, "Holy cow, Mom! What just happened??" Of course, I tried to get him to do it again on video - this was his best attempt.


By the way, Jenney, these are videos from my digital camera - I just download them to the computer and hit that filmstrip at the top of the posting box while I'm working on new blog posts. The computer does the rest of the work for me. I hope that helps!!!


Denny and Jana said...

Hi Jeremy and Melissa! I can't believe how old Jayce is getting, and Grayson is absolutely adorable! Hope you guys are doing well and I'm excited you have a blog!!

Kim said...

We had so much fun with you guys this weekend! I absolutely love the video and watching Grayson try to turn over! Thank you for sharing the moments and memories!

Jenney said...

Um, not really do you get them from the phone TO the computer?

Jenney said...

Ok, but the other part was good...about what to do once it is in the computer. :o)

Shelleyrae33 said...

What a great video! I love it!!!

Kevin1mahan said...

You used a funny term, "landed." You could have said "turned" but I think "landed" is a better term! I've landed my whole life.

See ya soon.