Saturday, December 6, 2008

All Aboard!

First of all, apologies for the extremely long post. You'll soon see why - I just couldn't decide between pictures. So, I basically posted them all!
Our super fun, super exciting morning excursion today was a trip on the Santa Train in Coopersville, MI! Although I had my reservations about going on this trip with the current weather conditions (Grand Rapids is expecting somewhere close to a foot of snow this weekend!), we really had a great time! And the exorbitant amount of snow only set the stage for a beautiful ride with Santa Claus.
Here we are, getting ready to get on the train!
After we boarded, we quickly found seats. I have to take a minute and thank Michele for her great idea to go ride the train. Apparently, her two girls (ages 2 and 3) are very interested in trains right now, and after a little research, she decided this was the best way for them to experience a real train ride! Michele was nice enough to invite some of us friends along!
Grayson and Jayce both dressed appropriately for our morning outing. Grayson wore a Thomas the Train outfit.
Jayce, under all of his layers, wore his Christmas t-shirt from Uncle Kevin (last year). It says, "Who Needs Mistletoe?" Too cute!
Our friends, the Ertles, were also along for this fun ride. They brought a Grandma reinforcement also... I wish we had thought of that! Sorry, Grandparents!
Part of the train ride is that Santa comes and sits with each of the cars and you can take pictures with him. He also gives each of the kids a present. More on that later. Jayce was not at all interested in sitting with Santa. I don't blame him... this guy was kind of weird! He was extremely friendly (notice his arm around me! He wouldn't let me get up either!) and just kept talking and talking. The thought of a present and because I was sitting there with him kept the tears from flowing.
These were our fun presents!! Reindeer hats! Jayce actually wore his for a little while.
Then Jeremy wore Jayce's hat for a while...
Then Grayson put his hat on too! We were a reindeer hat wearin' family!
Miss Coopersville came aboard our train car and read "The Polar Express" to us. It seems to me that people from Grand Rapids try to mention that "The Polar Express" was written by Chris Van Allsburg, a Grand Rapids native. I suppose when Grand Rapids only has a few claims to fame, they use it regularly! Ben, Hannah, and Jayce sat together for about 2.5 seconds to listen to the story. I quickly snapped a picture!
Mommy and Jayce, watching the snow fly by.
Our whole family on the train. Can you see all of that white outside of our train car?? Eww...
Jayce took a turn holding Grayson for a while (again, only 2.5 seconds!) when our arms got tired.
Grayson took a turn sitting on his own for a while too. He's getting so big...
Me and my boys! We were passing the time by taking lots of pictures... LOTS of pictures!
That's Michele in the blue coat. Nate, Jeremy, and Michele grew up together. Michele had Ethan (in the Santa hat) the day after Grayson was born... Grayson seems pretty interested in him!
A closer look at the two boys who are only a day apart in age. Michele says that Grayson is at least double Ethan's weight... Would you ever guess that they are the same age??
We had an amazing time on our train ride today. I think that Jayce will be talking about it for a very long time. Thanks for patiently sitting through all of our pictures!


Jenney said...

Oh my goodness! In the picture of you and Jayce alone he looks SO MUCH like Kevin. Cute pics, I also loved the video I got on my phone!

Sara said...

Ok...your kids might be the cutest boys in the world (well except mine of course). I can't believe the rolls on Grayson! Amazing!! He is so lucky to have such a cool big brother too! I'll be checking out your blog all the time now!! :)

Megan said...

That train ride looked like a ton of fun! I wouldn't mind just a bit of that white, fluffy, cold stuff either, although just a tiny bit would do.

Lacey said...

That looks like so much fun! Youre such a good mom... :)