Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome to the Circus!

Nana and Papa decided to take us to the circus this past weekend. We had so much fun just talking about seeing all of the animals and clowns and the big show. They started out the performance with an "open house" kind of warm up. The performers and some of the animals came out and we got to go down on the floor of the Palace and get up close and personal with everyone. This is the guy who was announcing the acts that were on display. He actually walked around on this ball a little bit.
Jayce looking in amazement at some of the performers.
Grayson and I were hanging out during the pre-show time. He's really heavy! My back can still attest to that! I love this picture of us.
The family enjoying our time at the circus. Can you guess that Jeremy's back was hurting the next day too?
Mom and I being silly.
Dad decided to take on the heavy load for me. Grayson just happened to be in a lot of my favorite pictures from that night!
One of the things we talked to Jayce about before the circus was that there would be elephants there. We didn't know that we'd get to see them from so close! This elephant was named Asia - she is an artist! She painted a picture during the pre-show. I've gotta admit, after hearing those random news stories about how animals in captivity go crazy sometimes, I was a little nervous about the only barrier between this 8000 lb. animal and my first-born was a blow-up circus ring. I suppose that's my paranoid mom-brain working overtime. Jayce, on the other hand, was really excited to see Asia up-close!
The opening of the circus. We had great seats - Thanks Mom and Dad!
The elephants parading through during the opening. In the background you can see Bello the Clown on the screen. He was pretty much the star of the show.
Jayce was most excited about seeing all of the exotic animals. Tigers, zebras, and elephants were at the top of our list. And the circus didn't disappoint!

Jayce sat pretty much in awe during the entire show.
Getting cheesey with Daddy during the intermission. I think he was enjoying the circus!
Jayce decided to try on the clown nose too. He didn't really get the concept of how to put it on.
Daddy helped and decided to be silly too!
The second half of the show was pretty cool. The elephants finally got to come out and do there part of the show.
We were excited to see the elephants. Grayson wouldn't take his eyes of the show. He was quite mesmerized by it all.
Jayce was excited to see the elephants! I think that Nana got just as excited, but because of Jayce's reaction.
I know that I can remember seeing elephants balance on little platforms in kids' books, but I don't think I knew that they really did that at the circus!
Part of the end of the show. We didn't know it before hand, but this was the very last show with "Bello the Clown" as a part of this circus. And this tour was called "Bellobration," so it was pretty exciting to see everyone performing together for the last time. They were setting up for a couple to be shot out of a cannon in this picture! I'm thinking that it was a trick of the eye.
We ended our night with a trip to Chili's to eat. Jayce decided to grow up over night and to eat his corn actually on the cob! We were practicing how to answer the question, "How old are you?" because he'll be celebrating his second birthday next week! My little boy is growing up... where did the time go???
To Nana and Papa - thanks for a fun weekend and a really fun time at the circus. We are looking forward to seeing you in a little over a week!


Jenney said...

We tried to teach James to say he was "two"...but now when people say "How ARE you?" and he responds "Two". When people ask how old he is he says "I tree"-cause Mason is three of course and announces it often.

Kim said...

I think I have as much (or more fun) as the little guys! Sure do love hanging out with your family. I'm loving the blog! Thanks for all the hard work - it sure helps when I'm missing all of you (Kev and Rach too).