Thursday, November 13, 2008

Watching My Weight

So, I really haven't had much to blog about this past week. Although I feel like I've been really busy, I can't even say what all I've been doing. This week has just been one of those weeks that flies by and you look back and can't figure out what you've really done.
One thing that I did do this week was re-join Weight Watchers. I've been having some problems loosing the baby weight from this time (and last too!), so I decided to get a little help with it. Therefore, weight watchers. So, wish me luck! Below is a "before" picture - hopefully in just a few short months I'll be much healthier and skinnier!!!


Jenney said...

Um, by including me in the "big picture" am I to assumer you'd like me to go to Weight Watchers also? Cause um, i don't have the TIME or the WILL POWER right now :o)

MelArcile said...

Actually Jenney, I'd love to look as good as you!!

Kevin1mahan said...


I'm proud of you buddy. Keep getting healthier. You're an inspiration for me that way. I haven't been able to find anything that I like to do working out yet since I left soccer full time. Swimming = drinking water as a sport; Running = basically taking the same road trip over and over, without a car; going to the gym = way too cliche and for much younger college students; basketball = still my favorite pasttime, but I cannot get there often enough.

I was encouraged to do MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) today and I told them that I have a pretty face and Rachel wants to keep it that way.

Until I find my "thing" - Kev