Saturday, November 1, 2008

Papa's Birthday

Wednesday was my dear father's 56th (? - correct me if I'm wrong Dad!) birthday, and from the rumors I've heard, he didn't have much time to celebrate. Therefore, Thursday night, we met Nana and Papa in Lansing for dinner. I'd say that everyone looks happy to have gotten together!
Jayce loves coloring at restaurants. To be honest, I don't get crayons out too often at home. I'm sure that I should, but I just don't yet. Anyway, give me a minute - I'm going to brag! When Jayce got tired of coloring, he named his colors (something he's been doing well for about two months!) and then started naming the letters he saw. So, I wrote down some numbers (1, 2, and 3) and he was able to identify those too! He's not even 2 yet!! What a smart boy!
Didn't Papa get a delicious looking dessert for his birthday?!?
Grayson enjoyed watching football on the TV behind us while we were eating dessert. Afterall, he can't have chocolate yet!
Nana and Jayce were singing "Baby Jesus Grew and Grew" and there's a part of the song that talks about how he played peek-a-boo. Now you understand this picture. :o)
Happy Birthday Dad. We had a blast seeing you guys on Thursday.

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Kim said...

I sure enjoyed the visit and singing "Baby Jesus Grew and Grew" with Jayce for the first time. I miss you guys like crazy. Wish there was a way to bottle the hugs/kisses and smiles to take out when needed (I probably couldn't find a container big enough).
I love you guys,