Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NanaPapa's How-ssss

In case you were wondering, that's pronounced "Nana Papa's House". This is all I've been hearing for the past couple of days because (I'm sure you've guessed by now!) we were at Nana and Papa's house visiting over the weekend!
We started out the weekend with Aunti Dawn, Crystal, Danny and Ginny coming over to play. Aunti Dawn taught Jayce how to play "Ring Around the Rosey". He thought that was tons of fun!

One of Jayce's favorite things right now is "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". I've gotta say that I use it as bribery much too often! Nana and Papa have a toy that is Cinderella's castle with all of the Disney characters that Jayce discovered this weekend. He didn't put Mickey, Minnie, and the others down the entire weekend!

Grayson managed to get some loving too! He really seemed to love Crystal. She got him smiling and laughing - it's fun to see him reacting so much now!
When we are at my parent's house, Jeremy always spends a lot of time playing their Nintendo Wii, since we don't have one to play of our own. I guess the game he was playing had an upside down course that he just couldn't navigate sitting up right!
Our whole reason for going over this past weekend was to throw a baby shower for my good friend, Jodi. Here she is with her husband, Chris, and their mothers at the shower.

Jayce was kind enough to share his stuffed animals for decoration for the shower. And he was elated to be reunited with them - they looked happy to see him too!
Nana has been counting down the days until she can show Jayce the "Cars" movie. He was a tad mesmerized!!
Jayce talking on the phone. His conversations go like this:
Helwooo? (long pause)
(large pause while pacing around the room)
I dressed the boys up in matching outfits (one of my favorite things to do!!) to go to church on Sunday. Jayce enjoys "holding" Grayson (notice where his hands are - Grayson is just there, not being held) and being a big boy - when we can convince him to sit still long enough!

I told you I like matching the boys!!
Jeremy is wearing the goofy hat we got from the circus!! (I'll be posting about that tonight!)

Nana with her boys. We had a good weekend. Thanks Nana and Papa!

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Kim said...

This is Nana loving being with the boys! What a joy they both are!