Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lovin' This Weather!

So, we've been having an unseasonably warm autumn this year. The past few days alone have been record-setting as far as the highs go: low 70's!! It's been amazing. We've gotten to play outside without worries of how Grayson was doing handling the cool weather, rake leaves without freezing our rears off, etc. It's been great! Here's a few pictures from the last time we were outside!

Grayson hung out in his carseat watching Jayce and I play for a little while. He had plenty to entertain himself.
Jayce is currently practicing to be as good of a soccer player as his Uncle Kevin. He loves to run around the yard and kick the various colors of balls. Jeremy is convinced he is going to be left-handed because he seems to favor his left foot.

Grayson and Mommy got a little bit of time to hang out watching Jayce play with the doggie.
Jayce also helped to shovel up the leaves that were falling. It's sad, but we had our whole yard cleaned up just a few days ago and the wind has brought down so many more leaves!
Jayce has a certain fascination with his belly these days. He will run around outside with his shirt up yelling, "Belly, belly, belly!"
Good dog looking for a new home without kids to torture her... anyone interested?!?

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Kim said...

We'd take the kids and then she wouldn't be tortured anymore, but I'm pretty sure you aren't going to go for this idea!
Nana & Papa