Thursday, November 6, 2008

Library Laptime

Mondays this fall have been our library days. They have this really cool program for young children that has a story time, finger poems, songs, and a playtime at the end. This past Monday was our last meeting until after the New Year. And it was Pajama Day! And to top off an amazing day at the library, we finally convinced Daddy to come with us. How fun!!
Here we are dancing to one of the songs. It involved jumping, turning around, touching the ground, etc. Jayce doesn't really get into the actions unless someone is actually making him.
Because Daddy came along, Grayson got to get out of his seat and participate. He got to hold a scarf (the pink thing) for one of the songs. He even waved it around a little bit. He's starting to really hold onto toys and mostly his burp cloths that are always right there with him. Jenney - like my shirt??
At the end of Laptime, Miss Betsy has a box that has a toy hiding in it. All of the kids rush up to see what could be in Miss Betsy's box. They really like to guess what's in the box - and they have the most off the wall guesses!
At the end, out come the toy boxes and the kids get to play with the building blocks and balls and packing peanuts. Jayce will run around and knock over all of the towers he sees (yes, those he hasn't helped build - I'm trying to teach him not too, but he just isn't getting it!) and try to play with everything at once. Grayson enjoyed watching his big brother play with the other kids.
Miss Betsy, we can't wait to see you after the new year!!

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Jenney said...

I was actually going to comment on your U of M shirt I could see peeking out from behind Grayson...and then I saw my name! We must be sharing a brain. GO BLUE