Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Kevin!!

Kevin (and whomever else is listening in!)
Yup, the boys "made" you a sign... Jayce wasn't as good at showing me the sign when he was holding it, but Grayson was a pro!! You should know, Grayson decided to graduate to his new, big boy carseat today in honor of your birthday; or it was because he's really MUCH too big for his carrier seat anymore... Yeah, 22 pounds is the limit for the carrier. He's a big boy just like you! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!! And enjoy the video below.
Love you,

Please ignore my toy-strewn house in the background... it's been a busy day! No time to pick up.


Jenney said...

cute video! How did you do that?

MelArcile said...

My camera has a video function and I took video of Jayce. There's a button next to the "add a picture" button that will allow you to add a video. I think it looks like film. Go from there.

Kevin1mahan said...

Jayce & Grayson,

Thanks for the birthday message boys! You made me tear up a little bit missing getting to watch you grow up so big and strong. Keep an eye out for each other and look out for each other (Jayce, seriously, Grayson is going to be just like me but more. You'll need him on your side).

Love you guys and Aunti Rachel and I will see you soon!

Uncle Kev