Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good News

So, we went to the orthopedic doctor this morning. Good news - he's developing well. The socket of his hips are both equally developed. However, the balls are not equal (something that is actually common in kids who have been diagnosed with this problem) so we will be going back in a year for another x-ray and to see how things are going. The doctor informed us that boys heal from this condition much slower than girls. He also expressed some concern over whether Grayson could possibly have the same problem. Thankfully, we know that he doesn't because Grayson has already had an ultrasound to check for hip displaysia.


Today Jeremy and I decided to cut Jayce's hair because his birthday is this week and he'll be staring in many, many pictures. Jayce, as you will remember from last time, is not a fan of getting his hair cut. This time, we bribed him with a "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" video and the promise of animal crackers after we were done. We also told him that he could cut Jeremy's hair... What do you think of the final product??

**sigh** I think my first baby is no longer a baby anymore. Doesn't this new haircut make him look old?? **sigh**


I got some cute pictures of Grayson playing on his belly today. He is mesmerized by the cool taggy blanket that our cousin, Jenney, made for us! I guess police cars and fire trucks are universally cool to little boys, regardless of their age!


Kim said...

They are both growing up so quickly! Can't wait to squeeze them with hugs!

Jenney said...

Goo linking man! I am not so very good at that stuff. Cute haircut! I miss you guys so much.

Jenney said...

GOOD, I meant GOOD linking. Snug was on my lap 'helping' me.