Saturday, November 1, 2008

Garbage Trucks and New Friends

So, Thursdays are a favorite day of the week at our house. Why you might ask? Well, it's garbage day. And Jayce is still quite fascinated with "big trucks" and all, so watching for the garbage trucks to drive by all morning is just so entertaining! Notice, I couldn't hardly get him to turn around and look at the camera while I was taking his picture!
And when I finally did get him to turn around and look at me, notice the lack of a smile. This kid always smiles for pictures, but not when mom is pulling him away from the garbage trucks! By the way, Jayce noticed a car a few houses down that looked like Nana and Papa's car. He was sure to tell us this about 50 times too!
Grayson made a new friend today. Jayce rediscovered this cute doggie toy that "sings and plays games!" (as it likes to tell me many times a day!!). He also discovered that it plays "Head and Shoulders" and now that he does the motions, it's super cute! Anyway, Grayson was laying on the floor actually playing with it this week! He was reaching out for the dog and making it play music for him! I'm so proud of my big boy - he's growing up so fast!!!
He wouldn't take his eyes off of this dog!! What a fun toy!
I tell you, what would we do without garbage big trucks and "new" toys.

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