Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Cheesey (the Chuck E. kind) Birthday

Yes, in only two short days my "baby" will no longer be a baby! Therefore, we went to Chuck E. Cheese tonight to celebrate!
Oh boy, the toys there were fun! However, Jayce's favorite activity at Chuck E. Cheese isn't skeeball (like his mom) or the coin pusher game (like his dad) - it's putting the tokens in the slots of various games. I tell you, he's very easy to entertain!
Jayce had the privileged of picking out his own cake at Costco this year. In honor of Uncle Kevin (I'm basically saying that because of Uncle Kevin's expertise in soccer!), he chose the "Ock-er Ball" cake. If you've never tried Costco cake, you really must! I know cake (my dad is by far the best cake maker around), and Costco cake is right up there with my dads! In fact, we've got more than half of it left, so stop by and have a piece sometime!
Jayce was thrilled to have everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to him. Look at that smile on his face! He even blew out his candles without spitting on the cake (for those of you who plan to stop by for a piece, rest assured that it is Jayce-spit free). And boy oh boy, you can tell that he's a kid who doesn't get much cake and cookies, etc. He really downed the piece of cake he was given!
He got all kinds of cool presents from his friends that came to the party. Thank you to everyone who gave him a gift. Jayce is looking forward to getting up in the morning and being able to play with all of the new stuff!
Jayce thought Chuck E. Cheese was the coolest thing! He kept on laughing and pointing at him when the curtain would open. Grandma even helped him stand on stage to check out Chuck E.!
Jayce hanging out with some friends in front of the blue screen. If you haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese lately, they have a blue screen that allows the kids to appear on the videos they are playing. Michele's two girls, Selah and Celeste, and Keri's son, Tyler, enjoyed playing on the tv screens too!
Grayson had a blast at Chuck E. Cheese too! He got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa a bunch.
We had a really good time at Chuck E. Cheese. Thanks again to everyone who joined us there!


Kim said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun! You can really see Jayce's new hair cut in the one picture. Jayce certainly is a joy to be around - can't wait to do some hanging out with Jayce and Grayson real soon! Love to all,

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Jayce! 2 is SO much fun!

Lacey said...

Aw how fun!! I love chuck e cheese...! it's pretty much the greatest... :) and yes Im almost 27. :)

Jenney said...

Happy Birthday Jayce...I think we gave you your present WAY back with Grayson's birth gift...hope you remember it!
Oh yeah Megan, 2 is just wonderful...we especially love potty training and gagging on veggies (even ones he previously scarfed down). J/K 2's are fine...just a little tiring :o)