Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Babies and Happy Friday

So, it's official. I have a HUGE baby. Yup, he's now 3 months old (as of yesterday!) and he weighs 24 pounds. Do you know what that means?? That means that he now has to have a big boy carseat because the weight limit on the infant carrier carseat is only 22 pounds. And up until yesterday, I was still using it! Do you know what else that means? I had to find an infant snowsuit because I couldn't use my bundle me with our carrier carseat anymore. Do you know how hard it is to find an infant snowsuit in a size 12 or 18 month (yeah, I know!) that isn't one of those puffy jacket material? I assure you, it was difficult. Anyway, this is Grayson trying out his new carseat in our living room before it was installed in the car (which was much too difficult, by the way!). I swear he was thinking, "What are you doing to me, Mom??"
I have to admit it - I think I have the cutest boys! I apologize to those mothers out there who are reading my blog, but they really are two of the cutest kids! But you all have adorable children too! This is a picture of Grayson sporting his first 12 month outfit. Yeah, it fits almost too well also. And Jayce was just so cooperative with posing for a picture with Grayson. Aren't they adorable??
We finally found a Columbia infant snowsuit in a size 18 month at Once Upon A Child. We had looked at 10 or more stores, trying to find exactly what I wanted. I didn't want anything too bulky because they he wouldn't be as safe in his carseat. I need to have something in a 12 or 18 month size, and I wanted it to have a hood and for it to cover his hands and feet and for it to be able to unzip while indoors so that he doesn't get hot. And I managed to find one with the original tags still on it! Brand New!! The only down fall, everyone is going to think that Grayson is a girl because it is lilac. Oh well, I'm going to make sure to dress him in obvious boy cloths and keep it unzipped whenever possible. I think that Grayson likes his new snowsuit too - look at that face!
My poor Jayce has been sick the past day and a half. He's got this cold thing that is making just one of his eyes water and look puffy. He honestly looks like he's got a black eye or something. Poor kid. Anyway, before he got sick, he was all about showing off his belly to anyone who would look. Hmm... maybe that's how he got sick!


Jenney said...

Grayson is within 8 lbs of James. Tell him to slow down, he's gonna be in second grade by Easter! I am so glad God provided the coat he needed. Hang on to that snow suit, because if I ever have a girl I think I will need to borrow it-so cute! Have a great weekend!

Jenney said...

Oh, and yes, they are very cute boys! :o)