Thursday, November 27, 2008

What Are You Thankful for Today?

Happy Thanksgiving too all!
As I'm sitting here waiting for my family to wake up this morning, I'm thinking about all the things in my life that I am thankful for:
My family, especially my boys! I have an amazing husband who puts up with me (a huge feat in itself!) and provides for our family in every way and two very special little boys (incidentally, today is Jayce's 2nd birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYCE!!) who are amazing and beautiful and the better than I ever could have dreamt of.
My health - After watching what my father-in-law has gone through over the past two years, I am so thankful for God's blessings in keeping my family healthy and strong.
How God is providing for our family - yes, things are tight, but I've had the opportunity to be able to stay at home and still make ends meet because God's been providing through a great job for Jeremy.
Black Friday Christmas shopping! Yes, I'm looking through the ads right now - I can't turn down an amazing deal for Christmas gifts!! In fact, I'm up early this morning because I went to Meijer at 5am!
I know there are so many more things I'm thankful for today, but what about you??

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Weigh In

I'm not sure how it happened, because I really did have a bad snacking week, but I weighed in this morning to find that I had a successful week in my weight-loss journey! I am now officially down 16.2 pounds from when I started three weeks ago... I have to thank Grayson for his contributions (after all, if I wasn't breastfeeding him, I don't think that kind of weight-loss would have been possible!). Here's to hoping that I can him my 10% goal by Christmas!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Cheesey (the Chuck E. kind) Birthday

Yes, in only two short days my "baby" will no longer be a baby! Therefore, we went to Chuck E. Cheese tonight to celebrate!
Oh boy, the toys there were fun! However, Jayce's favorite activity at Chuck E. Cheese isn't skeeball (like his mom) or the coin pusher game (like his dad) - it's putting the tokens in the slots of various games. I tell you, he's very easy to entertain!
Jayce had the privileged of picking out his own cake at Costco this year. In honor of Uncle Kevin (I'm basically saying that because of Uncle Kevin's expertise in soccer!), he chose the "Ock-er Ball" cake. If you've never tried Costco cake, you really must! I know cake (my dad is by far the best cake maker around), and Costco cake is right up there with my dads! In fact, we've got more than half of it left, so stop by and have a piece sometime!
Jayce was thrilled to have everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to him. Look at that smile on his face! He even blew out his candles without spitting on the cake (for those of you who plan to stop by for a piece, rest assured that it is Jayce-spit free). And boy oh boy, you can tell that he's a kid who doesn't get much cake and cookies, etc. He really downed the piece of cake he was given!
He got all kinds of cool presents from his friends that came to the party. Thank you to everyone who gave him a gift. Jayce is looking forward to getting up in the morning and being able to play with all of the new stuff!
Jayce thought Chuck E. Cheese was the coolest thing! He kept on laughing and pointing at him when the curtain would open. Grandma even helped him stand on stage to check out Chuck E.!
Jayce hanging out with some friends in front of the blue screen. If you haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese lately, they have a blue screen that allows the kids to appear on the videos they are playing. Michele's two girls, Selah and Celeste, and Keri's son, Tyler, enjoyed playing on the tv screens too!
Grayson had a blast at Chuck E. Cheese too! He got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa a bunch.
We had a really good time at Chuck E. Cheese. Thanks again to everyone who joined us there!

Good News

So, we went to the orthopedic doctor this morning. Good news - he's developing well. The socket of his hips are both equally developed. However, the balls are not equal (something that is actually common in kids who have been diagnosed with this problem) so we will be going back in a year for another x-ray and to see how things are going. The doctor informed us that boys heal from this condition much slower than girls. He also expressed some concern over whether Grayson could possibly have the same problem. Thankfully, we know that he doesn't because Grayson has already had an ultrasound to check for hip displaysia.


Today Jeremy and I decided to cut Jayce's hair because his birthday is this week and he'll be staring in many, many pictures. Jayce, as you will remember from last time, is not a fan of getting his hair cut. This time, we bribed him with a "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" video and the promise of animal crackers after we were done. We also told him that he could cut Jeremy's hair... What do you think of the final product??

**sigh** I think my first baby is no longer a baby anymore. Doesn't this new haircut make him look old?? **sigh**


I got some cute pictures of Grayson playing on his belly today. He is mesmerized by the cool taggy blanket that our cousin, Jenney, made for us! I guess police cars and fire trucks are universally cool to little boys, regardless of their age!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Monday Morning

So, if you think about it tomorrow morning (Monday), we have what I hope will be our FINAL Orthopedic doctor's appointment for Jayce at 9 am. Not that I'd be expecting anything else but positive news, it would still be an amazing answer to prayer to have Jayce get his final "all clear" from the doctor. Thanks for thinking of us,
Jayce (and his mom who is constantly thinking of him and his miracle hips!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, if you look to the left of this page, you'll see that I follow a blog called My Charming Kids. MckMama is having a contest this weekend and by writing this post, I am officially entering it! Yea for me. Anyway, check out her blog - she's a mother of four, her youngest is only a few weeks old and an amazing miracle. He's the reason I started reading!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Babies and Happy Friday

So, it's official. I have a HUGE baby. Yup, he's now 3 months old (as of yesterday!) and he weighs 24 pounds. Do you know what that means?? That means that he now has to have a big boy carseat because the weight limit on the infant carrier carseat is only 22 pounds. And up until yesterday, I was still using it! Do you know what else that means? I had to find an infant snowsuit because I couldn't use my bundle me with our carrier carseat anymore. Do you know how hard it is to find an infant snowsuit in a size 12 or 18 month (yeah, I know!) that isn't one of those puffy jacket material? I assure you, it was difficult. Anyway, this is Grayson trying out his new carseat in our living room before it was installed in the car (which was much too difficult, by the way!). I swear he was thinking, "What are you doing to me, Mom??"
I have to admit it - I think I have the cutest boys! I apologize to those mothers out there who are reading my blog, but they really are two of the cutest kids! But you all have adorable children too! This is a picture of Grayson sporting his first 12 month outfit. Yeah, it fits almost too well also. And Jayce was just so cooperative with posing for a picture with Grayson. Aren't they adorable??
We finally found a Columbia infant snowsuit in a size 18 month at Once Upon A Child. We had looked at 10 or more stores, trying to find exactly what I wanted. I didn't want anything too bulky because they he wouldn't be as safe in his carseat. I need to have something in a 12 or 18 month size, and I wanted it to have a hood and for it to cover his hands and feet and for it to be able to unzip while indoors so that he doesn't get hot. And I managed to find one with the original tags still on it! Brand New!! The only down fall, everyone is going to think that Grayson is a girl because it is lilac. Oh well, I'm going to make sure to dress him in obvious boy cloths and keep it unzipped whenever possible. I think that Grayson likes his new snowsuit too - look at that face!
My poor Jayce has been sick the past day and a half. He's got this cold thing that is making just one of his eyes water and look puffy. He honestly looks like he's got a black eye or something. Poor kid. Anyway, before he got sick, he was all about showing off his belly to anyone who would look. Hmm... maybe that's how he got sick!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Welcome to the Circus!

Nana and Papa decided to take us to the circus this past weekend. We had so much fun just talking about seeing all of the animals and clowns and the big show. They started out the performance with an "open house" kind of warm up. The performers and some of the animals came out and we got to go down on the floor of the Palace and get up close and personal with everyone. This is the guy who was announcing the acts that were on display. He actually walked around on this ball a little bit.
Jayce looking in amazement at some of the performers.
Grayson and I were hanging out during the pre-show time. He's really heavy! My back can still attest to that! I love this picture of us.
The family enjoying our time at the circus. Can you guess that Jeremy's back was hurting the next day too?
Mom and I being silly.
Dad decided to take on the heavy load for me. Grayson just happened to be in a lot of my favorite pictures from that night!
One of the things we talked to Jayce about before the circus was that there would be elephants there. We didn't know that we'd get to see them from so close! This elephant was named Asia - she is an artist! She painted a picture during the pre-show. I've gotta admit, after hearing those random news stories about how animals in captivity go crazy sometimes, I was a little nervous about the only barrier between this 8000 lb. animal and my first-born was a blow-up circus ring. I suppose that's my paranoid mom-brain working overtime. Jayce, on the other hand, was really excited to see Asia up-close!
The opening of the circus. We had great seats - Thanks Mom and Dad!
The elephants parading through during the opening. In the background you can see Bello the Clown on the screen. He was pretty much the star of the show.
Jayce was most excited about seeing all of the exotic animals. Tigers, zebras, and elephants were at the top of our list. And the circus didn't disappoint!

Jayce sat pretty much in awe during the entire show.
Getting cheesey with Daddy during the intermission. I think he was enjoying the circus!
Jayce decided to try on the clown nose too. He didn't really get the concept of how to put it on.
Daddy helped and decided to be silly too!
The second half of the show was pretty cool. The elephants finally got to come out and do there part of the show.
We were excited to see the elephants. Grayson wouldn't take his eyes of the show. He was quite mesmerized by it all.
Jayce was excited to see the elephants! I think that Nana got just as excited, but because of Jayce's reaction.
I know that I can remember seeing elephants balance on little platforms in kids' books, but I don't think I knew that they really did that at the circus!
Part of the end of the show. We didn't know it before hand, but this was the very last show with "Bello the Clown" as a part of this circus. And this tour was called "Bellobration," so it was pretty exciting to see everyone performing together for the last time. They were setting up for a couple to be shot out of a cannon in this picture! I'm thinking that it was a trick of the eye.
We ended our night with a trip to Chili's to eat. Jayce decided to grow up over night and to eat his corn actually on the cob! We were practicing how to answer the question, "How old are you?" because he'll be celebrating his second birthday next week! My little boy is growing up... where did the time go???
To Nana and Papa - thanks for a fun weekend and a really fun time at the circus. We are looking forward to seeing you in a little over a week!

NanaPapa's How-ssss

In case you were wondering, that's pronounced "Nana Papa's House". This is all I've been hearing for the past couple of days because (I'm sure you've guessed by now!) we were at Nana and Papa's house visiting over the weekend!
We started out the weekend with Aunti Dawn, Crystal, Danny and Ginny coming over to play. Aunti Dawn taught Jayce how to play "Ring Around the Rosey". He thought that was tons of fun!

One of Jayce's favorite things right now is "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". I've gotta say that I use it as bribery much too often! Nana and Papa have a toy that is Cinderella's castle with all of the Disney characters that Jayce discovered this weekend. He didn't put Mickey, Minnie, and the others down the entire weekend!

Grayson managed to get some loving too! He really seemed to love Crystal. She got him smiling and laughing - it's fun to see him reacting so much now!
When we are at my parent's house, Jeremy always spends a lot of time playing their Nintendo Wii, since we don't have one to play of our own. I guess the game he was playing had an upside down course that he just couldn't navigate sitting up right!
Our whole reason for going over this past weekend was to throw a baby shower for my good friend, Jodi. Here she is with her husband, Chris, and their mothers at the shower.

Jayce was kind enough to share his stuffed animals for decoration for the shower. And he was elated to be reunited with them - they looked happy to see him too!
Nana has been counting down the days until she can show Jayce the "Cars" movie. He was a tad mesmerized!!
Jayce talking on the phone. His conversations go like this:
Helwooo? (long pause)
(large pause while pacing around the room)
I dressed the boys up in matching outfits (one of my favorite things to do!!) to go to church on Sunday. Jayce enjoys "holding" Grayson (notice where his hands are - Grayson is just there, not being held) and being a big boy - when we can convince him to sit still long enough!

I told you I like matching the boys!!
Jeremy is wearing the goofy hat we got from the circus!! (I'll be posting about that tonight!)

Nana with her boys. We had a good weekend. Thanks Nana and Papa!