Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Verdict Is IN

So, today Grayson had his 2 month check-up appointment at the pediatricians office. The doctor told us that he has a little cold (we already knew that!) and he seemed a little concerned that Grayson has had said cold for over a couple of weeks. However, he didn't seem concerned enough to have him skip his immunizations for this appointment. He did notice the umbilical hernia and give us a little more information about it. And of course, he was weighed and measured! For those of you who were guessing, Jenney was closest! He weighs a whopping 19 lbs and 13 oz. measuring 25 in. long (I'd question that one because I measured him here at the house a couple of weeks ago and thought he was 26 in.). As far as percentiles go, he's in over the 95th% in height and weight and the 90th% for head circumference. Here's a direct quote from our pediatrician, "I think he's the biggest 2 month old I've ever seen."


Jenney said...

Not hard to win that contest when only Kev and I entered :o)
Miss you lots!

Kim said...

Sure to love your posts! Thank you, I know it is sometimes allot to ask, but for those of us far away - it is wonderful. No matter how big Grayson gets, you have to remind yourself (and probably everyone else) how little he is. He is adorable and soooo sweet - give hugs and kisses to both of your sweet sons from Nana.
Miss all of you,