Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Reception

Ok, so these pictures are completely backwards... hang in there! I'll try to make sense of them best I can!
This is Bonnie, my parent's church's pastor's wife or a friend of the family, doing some HEAVY lifting!!
James (my cousin Jenney's son) and Jayce cleaning up. Apparently all you really need for entertainment these days is a broom and a dust mop. They had a blast!!
The four boys together for the first time. James and Jack (Jenney's second son) and each two months older than Jayce and Grayson (you know what I mean, right?) This was another part of the weekend I was really looking forward to. Jenney and her family live in Ohio, so we only get to see them a couple of times a year. However, I keep up with her family on her blog.
The meet and greet! Or are they trying to give each other five... I can't tell! Don't you love the blanket they are laying on! Thanks Mrs. Morse!
Jayce loves his cousin!
See, I told you too!
Jeremy's whole family made the trip over to celebrate with Kevin and Rachel. We thought it was only appropriate to document the entire family (for us at least!) together for the first time (with Rachel and Grayson). I love that our families get along so well.
Jayce with cousins. I wonder where Ginny was for this picture!!
Grayson with Aunti Kalena, Aunti Lauren, and Uncle Jonathan. I took this picture to add to Grayson's "Who Loves Baby?" book.
Kev and Rachel announcing their wedding video at the front of the church.
The three cousins from my dad's side that were born with in a year of each other. Congrats to Heather (in the brown), she's expecting her first baby this spring. And Rachael had the arm strength to hold Grayson for a half hour!
Jenney and I were trying to confuse people! I am holding Jack (born at the end of June) and she is holding Grayson (born at the end of August). We found out on Monday this past week that Grayson now weighs 17 lbs... doesn't he look HUGE!
Our family arriving to the church for the reception. One of my favorite pictures of our family from the weekend... I'm not sure why though.
Jayce playing with Grandma D. Those two seem to like one another a lot.
It was such a fun afternoon, and I am so glad to have been able to see all of the family and friends that we were able to see. After an event like this, I'm always tired, but looking forward to the next time we'll be able to see everyone.


Kim said...

Thanks Melissa. I love to re-live the memories through your pictures and stories! Keep up the good work. I miss you guys, but will see you Saturday!

Kevin1mahan said...


I loved the picture of our family with Jeremy's family. Those turned out really well in the lighting.

Also, do you see any of Danny Richards in those pictures of Jayce when he's laughing and running. I see the resemblance when he's in motion more than when he's still.

Loved it!

Rachel & Kevin = Ravin