Saturday, October 11, 2008

Meeting Uncle and Aunti Mernt

Again apologies for the lack of posts.
Last Thursday night, Grayson finally had the privilege of meeting Uncle Kevin and Aunti Rachel. Because they drove all day long, they were pretty tired when they arrived to my parent's house. Kevin told us that when Rachel is tired, all she can say is, "Mernt!" After pressing him for a meaning to that "word" and talking about mernt so much, Jayce started calling them Uncle Mernt and Aunti Mernt. Well, that was will a little bit of coaching... (insert evil laughter!) Both of the boys were thrilled to get to see Uncle and Aunti after talking about them the entire week leading up to the reception.
Thanks to Aunt Dawn for making this picture possible. I love the idea of matching the boys' outfits every once in a while, and I thought the matching sweatsuits were adorable!
Rachel is so good with my kids. I absolutely loved seeing her playing with Jayce and cuddling with Grayson. Even though I think they should wait to have kids (afterall, they just got married!!), I think Rachel (and Kev too) is going to be an amazing parent!
I have pictures of Kevin cuddling with Jayce in a very similar pose. It's fun for me to see him loving on my boys. I just wish he had more of a chance to do so!
Friday morning, we got up and hung around the house playing for a while. Jayce's favorite toy right now is his blocks. He was constantly trying to entice someone into building with him all weekend long. Aunti Rachel was his current building buddy, and she thought he looked good burried in the blocks! Jayce hardly noticed the was piling the blocks on him, he just kept building!
Friday was also our set-up day at the church - Jayce wanted to get in on the action by helping the men tear down some tables. Jayce did most of the heavy lifting... :o)
Friday night we also celebrated all of our families' fall birthdays. Jeremy's birthday (actually today!!!) present from Kevin and Rachel was a halloween costume - Kevin labeled it a "sketchy 911 operator" outfit. Don't you love the wig!! Jayce was very nervous of Jeremy when he had this outfit on. Jeremy's other big present is sitting on his lap... 10 points to whomever can identify it!
While Nana was working on the computer, she gave Jayce a calculator that was about the size of his head to play with. Jayce automatically identified it as a cell phone (do you think he sees someone on a cell phone a lot??), and used it in that mannor. He even shared with Uncle Kevin!
Well, here's the first day and a half of our weekend, stay tuned for more to come shortly!

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Kim said...

sooo, I learned what the "mernt" was all about! I must have missed the comment "when Rachel is tired, that is all she can say". I just kept hearing it from different directions during the weekend!

Also, Jeremy looks really scary in his "costume", no wonder Jayce didn't like it!

I also think Kevin and Rachel will make good parents, in God's timing! They both have natural parenting instincts, but I hope they get to enjoy being "just the 2 of them" for awhile.

Again, loving the blog!!!