Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mayson's 1st Birthday!

What a beautiful girl, right? This is Mayson, the daughter of my friend Jaime from Applebees. Mayson just celebrated her first birthday and Jaime was sweet enough to invite our family to her first birthday party. Unfortunately, it fell on a weekend that Jeremy was working, so the boys and I made our first car trip by ourselves!
This is Jaime and her beautiful daughter. It is so her to have put Mayson in a pink tutu for her birthday party.
Jayce basically spent the two and a half hours we were there running around their back yard. No, there was no swingset or toys, but he had fun just running. At one point there were some older boys playing football, and they were kind enough to slightly include Jayce in their game.
Grayson made the trip too. He basically hung out in his carseat the whole time. He didn't seem to realize that he was missing out on a party.
Jayce did take a short break from the back yard to play wih some of Mayson's new toys. He especially enjoyed this wooden train of animals that were stacking blocks (take note mom and dad - his birthday is coming!).
Before we could leave, Grayson got out of his carseat and was hanging out on the floor. He got lots of loving from both Jayce and Mayson. Thanks to Jaime, Jason, and Mayson for a great time at the party!

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