Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lansing Fun!

This is how Jayce responds to the news that we are going to hang out with Nana and Papa! While we were in Lansing to celebrate our friend's daughter's birthday, we also met up with Nana and Papa and stopped to see my friend, Lacey, on the way home. Jayce was thrilled to hang out with everyone.
Grayson was pretty excited about seeing them too. Can't you tell? After dinner, we went to McDonald's for "dessert" and to play in their play place (our real reason!) so Jayce could get some energy out before heading back home.
Jayce thoroughly enjoyed the tunnels and platforms to climb on at McDonalds. He literally ran around for at least 45 minutes straight.
Papa and Grayson thought it was fun to watch Jayce run around too!
I finally got Jayce to settle down for a few minutes and we managed to catch it on film! This is one of my favorite pictures of Jayce and I together!
We stopped at Lacey's house on our way back to Grand Rapids. Lacey did come to visit just after Grayson was born, but she hasn't seen him in at least a month! He's growing, right!!
Jayce was super tired and acting up while we were at her house. He decided to just chill on the floor for a while. If only he'd done that the whole time we were at Lacey's house!
This is Lacey and her husband, Nick. It was good to catch up with her - we definitely don't get together enough, Lacey!!

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Lacey said...

agreed. :( (and jayce wasnt acting up too bad...! He was just excited...) :)