Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ultimate Destruction

Ultimate Destruction you ask? Why yes. That's what I said. Today was a very busy day for us. I am starting to work at our church, Ada Bible Church, in their MOPS program again, so I was out of the house with Grayson at 8:45am. Jayce stayed home with Jeremy so he could go down for an early nap because Grayson had a hip ultrasound at 3:45pm. Don't worry, it's just to be sure that Grayson doesn't have the same hip problems as Jayce - the doctors don't think he does, we just want to be very careful! Anyway, our goal was to have him down by 12:30pm so he could be up by 3pm. I personally believe that my kids can tell when I have an agenda, because they almost always refuse to cooperate! My meaning: When Jayce was still awake at 2pm, I went up and told him that he needed to go to sleep because we had lots to do, including a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house (that almost always works...). He finally quieted down around 3pm. Jeremy went up to get him at 3:15pm and found Jayce's handiwork...

Jayce's "punishment" was that he had to pick up the mess that he made. I really didn't know what else to do - he'd destroyed the room before he napped and we were in such a hurry to leave for Grayson's appointment that we couldn't deal with it right away.

I guess our plan is to continue stripping the border and to touch up paint and hope that lasts a lot longer than the border did!


Erin Morgan said...

Oh, Melissa! Boys!! What can you do?? I think you handled it very well. He is a great age to understand that when he makes a mess, he should be the one to clean it up. What hip problem does Jayce have? Finnegan had an ultrasound on his hips when he was 8wks old too, but he was breech and they wanted to check his hips for growth problems.

Keep up the good work, Mommy and Daddy!

Kevin1Mahan said...


My only response: "Wow, so glad that I don't have to have kids yet!"

Rachel's response to mine: "Is he too young to get spanked or timed out yet?"

Kevin: "Yeah, I think spankings at his age are only stress relievers for parents!"

Mutual consensus: "Maybe we shouldn't have kids yet..."