Thursday, September 4, 2008

Red Firetruck Big Truck!!

Yup, that's right. Red firetruck big truck. That's what Jayce calls them. Luckily enough, he got to see some this week too! With Jer working for the sheriff's department, and because we also have friends in the same line of work, we have opportunities to take Jayce to see special things. Jeremy had the idea to take Jayce to a "fire barn" (firehouse) to see firetrucks this week as a special treat. Jeremy's friend, Nate, helped to make this trip possible. A special thanks to Nate!!
We also got to see a police car when we were there... Afterall, how would Nate (an officer for the sheriff's department) have gotten there!!
Jayce was absolutely thrilled to be able to actually get into a firetruck and see all of the buttons (yes, he did try to push some!!) and cool gadgets that were there. The fire chief of that station was there when we visited and he showed us all around the trucks, including the various tools that are used to fight fires and such.
Jayce was amazed about how big the trucks were in person He's smaller than the wheels!!

After getting to climb into one of the trucks, he wanted to be able to get into all of them.
The Chief was nice enough to allow him to do that. Just as long as he didn't get too close to important buttons!!
He even got Jeremy to try on some of the equipment!
He even offered to let Jayce try on his own helmet. When Jayce refused, I suggested Nate (pictured holding Jayce) try it on... he also refused on account that I had my camera with me!
Jeremy and Jayce took some time checking out Nate's police car too. Jayce thought it was pretty cool when Nate turned on the sirens and gave us police badge stickers! Check out Grayson's carseat the next time you see us... you'll see one! Thanks Jer...
Yup, even Grayson got to take part in our special outing that day... although he wasn't so interested in the firetrucks and police car. He just slept peacefully in his carseat the whole time. Again, thanks to Nate and the Alpine Township Firebarn #1 for letting Jayce see the Red Firetruck Big Trucks! You made for a very cool day.


Lacey said...

How precious... I love it... :)

Jenney said...

What a fun day! It is amazing how little boys love rescue stuff. Our guys are so lucky to have daddies that can easily get them around "dadda cars" or "tire tucks" as James calls all firetrucks, ambulances, and police cars.