Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Been So Long...

Ok, my apologies for the lack of posting as of late. Let's face it, I've had problems finding time to get online to do much with the lack of sleep, housework, and trying to take care of two kids. If I was honest, I'd tell you that this really isn't going to be much of a post, but more of a snapshot of our life the past week or so. Literally, just some pictures...
This is Grayson's first bath. He wasn't so excited about it, right? Doesn't he look thrilled!
We went on our first family walk this week. Jayce has taken to wearing two hats - his basketball hat and his Elmo hat that my parents got him. For a while, he wouldn't go out of the house without both hats on - one forwards, one backwards. Grayson was very excited to go on our walk. He slept the whole way.
Jayce has a musical instrument set that he's loving these days. He will hand out the various shakers and everyone will play together. Jayce and Jeremy were getting really into it one day.
Blowing bubbles in the backyard. Jayce has to figure out that it's easier to blow bubbles without the wand in his mouth!
Daddy and Grayson, hanging out.
We took Jayce to check out the firetrucks at a local fire department, thanks to a good friend. Check back soon and I'll have a full post about this trip.
Sorry about the sideways picture. For some reason it wouldn't load the right way. Anyway, we have pictures of Jayce in this outfit and Jeremy and I thought we'd try to recreate them... we got REALLY close.
Jayce loves to give Grayson hugs and kisses. Anytime, anywhere!!
What a cool kid, huh? Yeah, those are Mommy's glasses.
Aunt Susie and Uncle Ralph sent Jayce this puzzle to help him occupy his time when I'm feeding the baby. He's getting really good at his colors. If you ask him to find any of them, he can. And he's pretty close to being about to name them all too... my kid's so smart!!
Nana and Papa came to visit over Labor Day weekend and brought Jayce a really cool Elmo backpack that has a handle and wheels. Daddy stuck the cat inside it. Jayce thought it was really funny!
A picture of Nana with Jayce and Grayson
The Vermilyes invited the whole Meyers/Mahan clan to their house for a pool party and picnic. Jayce always loves swimming and we had a blast hanging out with the family. Thanks Vermilyes!!

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