Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He's a True Meyers!!

We went out to eat with my parents on Sunday. Jayce was so hungry he contemplated eating his paper menu!
Instead, we ordered him a grilled cheese sandwich and applesauce. Something you should know about the Meyers family - they like weird combinations when it comes to food choices! For instance, when they make "toasted cheese" sandwiches, it requires applesauce to dip it in, and for some of them, peanut butter on it. The thought grosses me out. Apparently, Jayce takes after Jeremy's side more than mine - like we needed more proof!!
He dipped his grilled cheese in his applesauce due to a little encouragement from my husband. He really enjoyed it so he continued until they were both gone.
You can see how much he was enjoying it!
We polished off lunch with warm chocolate chip cookies! Jayce enjoyed those too!
It was a messy ordeal. Yummy, but messy!!

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