Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Haircut

As you can see, Jayce has been in a pretty desperate need for a haircut as of late. However, it's always one of those things we dread doing because he has such a hard time with the whole experience. He's screamed at Great Clips and Snip-Its (a speciality salon for kids with an array of distractions), so we thought we'd take a go at it and see what we could do before taking him out. I guess it's just as bad doing it at home with dad cutting his hair and mom trying to comfort and keep his hands out of the way of the clippers, because he cried and screamed throughout the whole process. However, we did accomplish our goal and we managed to save ourselves the $5 it cost to get it done at Great Clips (we had a coupon!).

We'd like to officially thank the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show for their "Hot Dog" song which made this hair cutting experience a little more tolerable. I believe it played approximately 25 times while Jayce was screaming his head off. And another five times after.

It would seem that Jayce is quickly taking after Jeremy. Do you see how hairy his back is?? Ok, it's mostly because of the enormous amount of hair that came off of this kid's head. He was in great need of this haircut!

Somehow Grayson managed to sleep through the whole ordeal - I couldn't think through all of the screaming, but Grayson slept... if only I had his ability to sleep through anything. I'd definitely be getting more sleep these days!

Pretty cute, huh? Jeremy did a really good job getting it cut even though Jayce was fighting it the whole time. His reward for being tortured was an oreo and a couple more rounds of the "Hot Dog Song".

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Megan said...

Hair cutting is a dreaded chore at our house too! Matthew has always hated it and I don't really know why. We usually let him eat popsicles and watch something on TV when we cut his hair (that does not mean it isn't still a traumatic experience for all involved, just a bit better). It has gotten alot better though as he has gotten older, so I am sure it will for Jace too!