Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Two Boys

So, tell me. Can you tell which child is which? I even have a hard time - and I'm the MOM!! I guess it's true... my two boys look alike! :o)


rkmahan said...

First is Grayson
Second is Grayson
Third is Jayce
Fourth is Grayson
Fifth is Jayce

We had to take a close look and we are Nana and Papa!!!

Erin Morgan said...

Sorry for the confusion, Melissa!! Currently, I am not pregnant, but we are hoping to be by Christmas or sometime there after. But I am always in planning mode :) I hope you are able to get more sleep as that sweet one grows a bit here in the next week or two. Remember that these times only last for a short moment and then they are gone. Cherish them, even when you're in your pj's all day long!! xoxo

Lacey said...

Hm. Fun game. I had no idea which was which.... !!! :)

Jenney said...

I was right on a couple, but not all of them! You had the same baby two times but two years apart too!
Jackson has started to smile at us a little! Mostly at our neighbor, but it is still fun to see!

Shelleyrae33 said...

I say pic #2 is Jayce. It's AMAZING how much they look a like.