Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Almost Smile!

So, Grayson has been smiling at us lately. We still have yet to really document one, but we got very close this weekend! Here's one of our many attempts!
There were a couple of misses too... but what a cute tongue!
And finally, the closest thing yet! It's almost there - you should see the real thing though. It takes up his whole face. I'll keep trying and eventually we'll all see it!
Below is a bonus cutie pa-tutie picture!!


Kim said...

Sure is hard to pick a favorite!

Kevin1Mahan said...

So... I just saw Lexi for the first time in all of these pictures! She's hiding right behind Sonny in the middle one.

I'd volunteer to take her off your hands again, because I think she's the coolest dog in the world, but Rachel and I had some other plans today. We met some alpacas and she thinks she may want some because we can make money off them. They get 6-8" of hair to shave off in the spring. We could sell that much!