Friday, September 26, 2008


Aren't friends worth so much! Jayce definitely thinks so. If we even get relatively close to these friends' house, he starts calling out for them. On a night when there's not much going on at our house, he'll ask to go to theirs... not sure if I should take offense! Last night we got together with our friends, and Jayce had a blast playing with their baby, Abby, and their oldest, Ben, entertained Grayson for a while. And Hannah was just being cute! Thanks friends. We had fun!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Almost Smile!

So, Grayson has been smiling at us lately. We still have yet to really document one, but we got very close this weekend! Here's one of our many attempts!
There were a couple of misses too... but what a cute tongue!
And finally, the closest thing yet! It's almost there - you should see the real thing though. It takes up his whole face. I'll keep trying and eventually we'll all see it!
Below is a bonus cutie pa-tutie picture!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He's a True Meyers!!

We went out to eat with my parents on Sunday. Jayce was so hungry he contemplated eating his paper menu!
Instead, we ordered him a grilled cheese sandwich and applesauce. Something you should know about the Meyers family - they like weird combinations when it comes to food choices! For instance, when they make "toasted cheese" sandwiches, it requires applesauce to dip it in, and for some of them, peanut butter on it. The thought grosses me out. Apparently, Jayce takes after Jeremy's side more than mine - like we needed more proof!!
He dipped his grilled cheese in his applesauce due to a little encouragement from my husband. He really enjoyed it so he continued until they were both gone.
You can see how much he was enjoying it!
We polished off lunch with warm chocolate chip cookies! Jayce enjoyed those too!
It was a messy ordeal. Yummy, but messy!!

Family Pictures

So, we tried taking some professional-looking family pictures while we were at my parents house last weekend... help us decide if any of these are good enough to hang on the wall in 8x10 form!! Comments welcome!!!

Meeting the Family

This past weekend, Grayson made his first of many trips across the state to meet some of his extended family. The rest of us tagged along too! Although the trip there was stressful for Jayce and his parents (yes, Jayce decided that it had been so long since he'd had to sit in the car for an amount of time that he would be crabby and scream most of the way), Grayson did wonderful on his first extended car ride!
Grandma Delores felt well enough and strong enough to hold the amazing growing boy for a while. I can tell you from personal experience that Grayson gets quite heavy after a while, and Grandma D (what Jayce calls her - he went running full speed at the door when she arrived!!) held him for at least 10 minutes. Grayson loved the cuddles! Can't you tell?!?
Aunt Dawn was fighting off a bad cold and offered to not come, but we insisted that she have a chance to meet Grayson sooner rather than later. We just used some precautionary measures to help insure that little (big?) Grayson didn't acquire the cold also! Aunt Dawn was more than willing to comply!
This is our most recent four generation picture. Only, there's more than four of us now!!
Grayson really enjoyed meeting everyone. I believe the evidence of this lies in the way he slept the entire time he met new people! We had a very good visit and we can't wait to go back in just two weeks so Grayson can meet his Uncle Kevin and Aunti Rachel!! I imagine these two weeks will go by so slow because we are looking forward to it so much...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A New Playground

So, did you know that when the circus comes to town, they come by train and the animals do a circus parade that goes from the train tracks to the arena that the circus is performing in! Well, they do! And tonight they were supposed to be doing it down Ionia Avenue between 6 and 7 pm. Jeremy and I decided that Jayce would love getting to see a bunch of HUGE elephants lumber down the road. At about 6:45, we went to track down the parade and found out that it was running late - they weren't going to be going through town until at least 9:30 or 10pm. And because of Jayce's wonderful napping non-schedule today, we decided to nix the circus parade idea (even though it would have been awesome!) and just go home. On our way home, we stopped at a new playground (to us) to give Jayce a chance to do something special since we weren't going to see the animals. It was a really cool playground. It is at a special education and preschool, so it's really safe and low and he was perfectly happy to hang out here for a little while in leu of seeing the circus parade. I guess there's always next year!

Ok, so Jeremy had just as much fun playing on the playground as Jayce did.

Yup, Grayson even got in on the action!! He really enjoyed his first experience with a slide. I, however, did not like having my picture taken without warning! Oh well, we had fun. That's what counts!!

Ultimate Destruction

Ultimate Destruction you ask? Why yes. That's what I said. Today was a very busy day for us. I am starting to work at our church, Ada Bible Church, in their MOPS program again, so I was out of the house with Grayson at 8:45am. Jayce stayed home with Jeremy so he could go down for an early nap because Grayson had a hip ultrasound at 3:45pm. Don't worry, it's just to be sure that Grayson doesn't have the same hip problems as Jayce - the doctors don't think he does, we just want to be very careful! Anyway, our goal was to have him down by 12:30pm so he could be up by 3pm. I personally believe that my kids can tell when I have an agenda, because they almost always refuse to cooperate! My meaning: When Jayce was still awake at 2pm, I went up and told him that he needed to go to sleep because we had lots to do, including a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house (that almost always works...). He finally quieted down around 3pm. Jeremy went up to get him at 3:15pm and found Jayce's handiwork...

Jayce's "punishment" was that he had to pick up the mess that he made. I really didn't know what else to do - he'd destroyed the room before he napped and we were in such a hurry to leave for Grayson's appointment that we couldn't deal with it right away.

I guess our plan is to continue stripping the border and to touch up paint and hope that lasts a lot longer than the border did!

The Haircut

As you can see, Jayce has been in a pretty desperate need for a haircut as of late. However, it's always one of those things we dread doing because he has such a hard time with the whole experience. He's screamed at Great Clips and Snip-Its (a speciality salon for kids with an array of distractions), so we thought we'd take a go at it and see what we could do before taking him out. I guess it's just as bad doing it at home with dad cutting his hair and mom trying to comfort and keep his hands out of the way of the clippers, because he cried and screamed throughout the whole process. However, we did accomplish our goal and we managed to save ourselves the $5 it cost to get it done at Great Clips (we had a coupon!).

We'd like to officially thank the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show for their "Hot Dog" song which made this hair cutting experience a little more tolerable. I believe it played approximately 25 times while Jayce was screaming his head off. And another five times after.

It would seem that Jayce is quickly taking after Jeremy. Do you see how hairy his back is?? Ok, it's mostly because of the enormous amount of hair that came off of this kid's head. He was in great need of this haircut!

Somehow Grayson managed to sleep through the whole ordeal - I couldn't think through all of the screaming, but Grayson slept... if only I had his ability to sleep through anything. I'd definitely be getting more sleep these days!

Pretty cute, huh? Jeremy did a really good job getting it cut even though Jayce was fighting it the whole time. His reward for being tortured was an oreo and a couple more rounds of the "Hot Dog Song".

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy Bees!!

Yeah, it's an excuse, I know. But life with two boys needing something at any given moment does get quite hectic. So, a quick catch-up of the past week or so. Enjoy!!

Dancing with Grandma turned out to be a favorite activity last Sunday. I dare say that she enjoyed it almost as much as Jayce. However, she wanted a break after a while, he did not!

Jayce thought it was very cool that we had "chips" (nachos!) for dinner one night. This picture just doesn't quite capture the excitement...

My big kid brushing his own teeth. Although he still gets help from mom or dad, Jayce loves the idea of doing it himself. He really does a great job too!

Hanging out in the swing for the first time. This has since become a favorite napping spot. In fact, as I write this, Grayson is napping there! By the way, didn't you know that "good looks run in the family"!

When it's not raining (which it has been doing A LOT lately), we like to go on walks. Here's a few pictures of a recent walking experience. First of all, it was a very cold morning. We walked down to the end of our street, which dead ends into the river. Jayce thought he was such a big kid to be walking over rocks to the guard rail!

This would be Jayce still in his pajama top one afternoon. Jeremy and Jayce thought it would be funny to put Jeremy's socks on Jayce. Pretty cute, huh? Boys think of the weirdest things!

This is Jayce's first "big boy bath" in the actual bathtub at our house. Yes, he's taken baths in a regular tub at hotels or my parent's house, but not at our house. I haven't been to willing to let my little boy grow up... turns out he's growing up anyway!

Grayson has been spending a lot of awake time hanging out on the floor and playing. Jayce usually likes to get in on the action too! Jayce usually chooses this time to smother Grayson with hugs and kisses. He's still learning to be gentle with them!

My parents just can't stay away! They were back again for just a short afternoon visit. The boys definitely like seeing them around.

Incidentally, we've finally replaced a couple of pictures of Jayce that are hanging up on our wall. I thought I'd give you a look at the two pictures that are now up, for those of you that don't get to visit our humble abode!