Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ready to go!!

Ok, my bags are packed. I've scrubbed my house as clean as I possibly can right now. Baby clothes have been washed and put away. Diapers and wipes have been purchased. The baby's bed is up and ready to go in our room. Cameras have been charges and are packed and ready to go. Now, the only thing I'm waiting on is.... THE BABY!!!
So, to pass the time today, and because I had some last minutes purchases to make, Jayce and I took to the great INDOORS at the Woodland Mall. I'd have some more pictures of him running around like mad, but my camera battery died (thank you camera for the reminder!!). He was pretty cute, though. He'd go out and play on the banana or waffle, then turn around and look at me sitting on the bench along the edge, and run as fast as he could with his mouth wide open and laughing. He does have fun!
So, have I mentioned all the funny looks and comments that I get in my much enlarged current state? For instance, two weeks ago I was at Sam's Club and was basically stalked by a worker who talked to EVERYONE about my belly. Granted, I do realize that I'm basically huge (please see picture above!) but that's just rude. And when I'm checking out and on the phone with someone, she interrupted me and the checkout girl to tell me that "That just has to be a girl, right?" pointing at my belly. "I mean, you already have a boy," pointing at Jayce. I ask Kevin to hold please (he was the lucky one on the phone) and say no, wondering all along if she thinks that's really how the sex of a child is chosen - by what you already have in your family.
And then there was tonight: I forgot to buy salsa for our taco night (and you can't have taco night without salsa!), so I ran down to the corner store (technically, it's a liquor store, but they sell basic groceries too!) to purchase some. The gentleman (term used VERY loosely) in front of me looks back and says, "Well I guess we know what SHE was doing a couple of months ago!" Did I mention that he was purchasing a bottle of liquor and already smelled of beer? Like that's an excuse!! As I was checking out, the nice man behind the counter looked at me kinda apologetically and said, "Would it help if I said sorry?"
See, EVERYONE thinks that I should be having this baby VERY soon... Can someone tell him???


Megan said...

Melissa, I didn't know you had a blog! You look great! People say crazy things when they see a pregnant belly. It sounds like you are very ready to go, so hopefully he will come soon!

Lacey said...

Wow... people think they can say anything to strangers when theyre pregnant... well... maybe not "people"... but... weirdos.... :)

Creativetreasures - Joyner's said...

excellent blog page Melissa. Thanks for sharing! penny j