Monday, August 11, 2008

Nana and Papa's Visit

Hi, this is Jayce posting this time. I'm always excited when Nana and Papa come to my house to visit me (well, I guess they come to see Mama and Dada too, but really they come to see me). We always do so many things and have so much fun. They came to see me last weekend and we did lots and lots.
First, Papa helped me fix my ball popper. It was broken. Mama tried to change the batteries, but Papa did a better job fixing it. He let me help too! Thanks Papa!
Papa taught me how to play Peek-a-Boo. He's helping me get ready to play with the baby that's coming to live with us. Mama and Dada keep calling him my brother... what does that mean? Anyway, Papa taught me how to hide and then say Peek-a-Boo!
I'm really good at it! Thanks Papa.
Nana and I played with my big ball too. It's really fun to pick up and carry around and sometimes Nana would pull me on top of it! Nana always likes playing with me. Thanks Nana!
Then we watched the Olympics on TV. That was cool. They did fun things while I was watching. See, I laid on the ground just like Nana!
I always give Papa lots of hugs when he's at my house. Nana too!
Nana wanted back scratches this time... it's a good thing I love her! Mama tells me that I'll be really good at back scratches one day. She says hopefully soon!!
Papa taught me how to walk in his shoes. They were really big!!
Nana helped Mama fold baby clothes. I tried to show them that those clothes were too small... They didn't understand. They kept folding them. Oh well. I did get to learn how to put on socks. That was fun!
I really love when Nana and Papa come to visit me. But, I do get really wiped out after they leave. They love me so much that I'm always tired for a couple of days. Mommy took this picture of me Sunday morning at 10:30. See how tired I am?!? I sure do love them though!!

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