Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Brilliant, Coloring Boy

Nana and Papa have come to visit for the weekend. On Saturday, while waiting for them to get here, I thought we should color a picture for them, thanking them for coming to our house. This is Jayce's second coloring experience at home. While we color, I usually talk about the different colors that he's using. This time, I put about seven colors on his tray and made lunch. I did name the colors as I put them on the tray. He had a blast coloring his paper.

After making lunch, I went over to Jayce and started asking him about his colors. "Jayce, where's the red crayon?" He'd pick up the red crayon. "Good job Jayce!" "Jayce, where's the green crayon?" He'd pick up the green crayon. "Good job Jayce!" "Jayce, where's the blue crayon?" He'd pick up the blue crayon. "Good job Jayce!" This continued through all of the crayons until the yellow crayon question. I still think this is pretty amazing!! He even repeated his showing off at the restaurant we went to for dinner. Completely different crayons and I didn't talk about colors at all! My child is brilliant!!!

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