Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Muskegon State Park

First of all, I apologize about not posting for a few days. However, in my defense, Blogger wouldn't upload my photos the last time I tried!! So, here I am again.
This past Sunday, Nana and Papa made the journey to Muskegon State Park with Jayce and I to visit Grandma and Grandpa Meyers who are camping there for the week. The nice thing about living in Grand Rapids is that you are only a short drive (45 to 60 minutes) from the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline. Muskegon State Park is one of those campgrounds that is right on the beach, but still filled with trees and shade for camping. Anyway, we made the short trip to visit. Also visiting Grandma and Grandpa was Grandpa's cousin, Kim, and his wife, Pam. They are the sweetest couple and they loved playing with Jayce. Above, they were playing catch with the "b-lill-lill" (little) ball.
After hanging out on their campsite for a little while, we all dressed for the beach. Check out Jayce's beach get-up! We've gotta keep him sunburn free this summer!! So far, we've been successful!!
One of Jayce's favorite beach activities this time was to throw the ball into the water and watch Mommy chase after it! We did this for probably 30 minutes when we first got down there! He would laugh so hard as I'd chase it into the water.
I've finally found a couple of pictures of me pregnant that I don't hate....
Can you see why I've been stopped in the store and asked about my pregnancy a lot lately? People have got to be thinking that I'm having twins!!
After Jayce was told that he wouldn't have to go into the water, he finally conceded to sitting on Nana's lap and floating in the inner tube for a while. He actually sat out in the water for about 20 minutes just floating. We were definitely getting tired and hungry after this point, so we soon packed up and headed back up to the campsite for lunch. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of my favorite part of the day: After lunch, Grandpa Ron and Jayce went for a walk and were playing with catch with balls. With how tired and sick Ron's been feeling lately, he doesn't always have the energy to play with and run around with Jayce. It's definitely a special day when Grandpa can play with him. It's a definitely a special day for both of them, I think.

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