Monday, August 11, 2008

Muskegon State Park Take 2

Sunday we went back to Muskegon State Park to help Jeremy's parents pack up from their week long camping trip. Even though in Grand Rapids it was a pleasant 75 degrees, it felt much chillier along the lake shore because of the breeze coming in off of the water. Thus, long sleeves and long pants. When we arrived Ron and Karen already had a campfire going - it made for a nice afternoon around the fire.
Jayce and Grandma spent some time playing with the "big ball" and "little ball" - meaning, Jayce throws a ball and expects someone to chase after it. I was thankful that Grandma felt like playing because I sure didn't. I just wanted to plant myself in a chair all afternoon.
Jayce got into his head that he needed to help clean up so that they could leave. Unfortunately, he didn't understand the concept of stopping at the edge of the rug. He kept trying to sweep, but would drag the broom off into the sand and make more of a mess than he was actually picking up. Oh well, at least he was wanting to help!! I need to get me one of those Swiffers that can be just Jayce's and he can help me mop the floor - something I don't enjoy doing or do very often.
Bob and Mardie, some of Ron and Karen's good friends who was camping at the park this past week, had brought along a remote control truck that Jayce found fascinating! He wanted to help drive it no matter who was playing with it at the time. Other than Jayce, Jeremy definitely had the most fun with it. His favorite part was making it run over my bare toes while I was trying to get pictures of the two boys playing.

We really had a good day, complete with a nap on the way home. It does make me want to go camping again. Ron and Karen even invited us to go with them over Labor Day weekend.... we told them no! I didn't think that taking a 1-2 week old camping sounded like much fun. Maybe next year, Grandma and Grandpa!

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