Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Key to a Good Night's Sleep

Yes, for those of you suffering from insomnia or or having difficulty sleeping at night, I have found the key to a good night's rest: the love of a good friend or snuggly buddy!
Last night, Jayce was having a difficult time going to sleep. He's been in the habit of trying to stay up as late as possible: playing in his room when he's supposed to be winding down, begging for books to be read to him, even running laps in his crib once wrestled into it. The he refuses to give good night hugs or kisses, so I tell him that I'm leaving unless he wants just one more hug. He always says no, so I leave as he's rushing to my side of the crib. I went down stairs to continue my current obsessions with the Olympics (can you blame me??) and he calmed down. Well, for at least a few minutes. Not too much longer, he was yelling and screaming "Mama" and crying loudly - something he used to do a lot (the hardest thing is to ignore this - you moms know this!), but not so much lately. I resisted the urge to go up and check on him (after all, Michael Phelps was swimming soon!) and eventually he quieted down and went to sleep. As I was getting ready for bed, I thought to go check on him and find out what his deal was. I found the pacifiers on the floor (a necessity when sleeping) and him cuddling his stuffed animals. It was cute enough I risked waking him by getting my camera and snapping a few pictures. Lesson learned, if you can't sleep, just go get a cuddly stuffed animal and give him lots of hugs... it'll put you to sleep every time! Happy sleeping to you!


Lacey said...

How adorable.... So cute... I still slept with my stuffed animal too...up until i got a bigger one (...nick.) :)

Dad(Papa) said...

I see Jayce is sleeping with the leopard