Saturday, August 2, 2008

Dollar Day at the Zoo

Yes, that's right. It only cost us a dollar to get into the zoo this past Friday, so we got up early and met friends Heather, Ben, Hannah, and Abby down at the Grand Rapids zoo. Keeping in mind that we live in Grand Rapids, a relatively smaller town, the zoo really isn't all that great; however, Jayce is currently obsessing over "amminlllles" (the "l" sound being stressed by him sticking out his tongue), so we thought he'd have fun. Oh did he!!

We started out with the monkeys. One of Jayce's favorites. Please, the next time you see him, ask him what a monkey says - his response is always a "ooo, ahh, ahh" but with his hands behind his back like he's trying to touch his armpits. Too cute. Anyway, we walked the zoo, finding all of the animals that were there. Another favorite was the tiger. The poor animal was in a tiny, little cage just pacing back and forth so we got several good views of him. Jayce growled like a champ for the tiger. I think the tiger was just wanting a snack of one of the zoo visitors. I was happy that he was tightly locked away!

The John Ball Zoo also has a small petting section. Friday they had pigmy goats that you could pet or brush. Jayce was very into brushing the goats. I was very into getting his hands washed when we were done.

Jayce and I were both very excited to have Daddy come along with us on Friday. So was Heather. Since she has three kids with her that day, Jeremy had an extra set of hands to help out with Ben or Hannah when needed.

We concluded our day with a visit to the air conditioned penguin house. I was more than happy to wait the extra ten minutes to get inside because the fire alarms went off. While we were waiting, I was holding Jayce and I heard a little girl behind me say, "Grandma, what do you mean that lady is holding two babies?" Right, apparently people were talking about me. Yup, I'm pregnant. I just want to tell people that sometimes!! Anyway, we ended up having a blast at the zoo. It was definitely a well spent $2!!

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