Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mall Fun

Checking out the "flower" he found in the backyard. Yes, it is a dandelion...

Putting things in his bucket. Mostly sticks and leaves around the yard. He's my clean-up man.

As the weather in Grand Rapids has been getting hotter and more humid, we've decided to explore other playing options that are not outside and in the backyard. Mommy is not happy with sitting around outside and sweating to death. Yes, we do have pool access now-a-days, but I feel bad taking advantage of our neighbors so early into their new pool adventures. Now, next week, they are out of town camping, and we've been asked to "get their mail and keep an eye on the house" which I interpret as use the pool whenever and however much you want!! :o)

Anyway, I've been exploring other playing outside of the house options. We've done the library lap time, but it's now over for the rest of the summer. Grandma's house is typically air conditioned, but still a little warm for my taste. And they have more to do than hang out with us all day long. Today, we've rediscovered the play place at the mall. Yes, it is somewhat of a germ haven, but it's air conditioned and Jayce had a blast! And best of all, I get to sit on the bench that surrounds it and just watch Jayce run all over the place for an hour. God bless the mall!!

He figured out how to navigate the snake at the mall today. What a big kid!!
You can see that he loves it, huh???

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