Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's a "Big Truck" kind of week

If you know my son, Jayce, you know that he has favorites: balls, books, and recently: Big Trucks. Traveling down the highway is always a fun experience because he literally sits in his seat, pointing out the window, and squealing "big truck" all the way.
Well, when we woke up this past Friday, Jayce had a huge surprise waiting for him at the end of our driveway: a BIG TRUCK. Our neighbors recently decided to put a pool in their backyard, and Friday was the day. They had a back-hoe working on digging out a deep end to their pool. We sat in the driveway for 20 minutes just watching them work. Jayce was beyond thrilled.
On Saturday, we ran some errands and saw a construction site that Jayce thought was amazing because of all of the big trucks working on it. We actually parked next to it for a few minutes so that he could watch them work. I'm quite sure that the construction workers leaving for lunch thought we were crazy.
Monday we got to try out the Vermilyes pool for the first time. Well, Jeremy had already been in it because while Jayce and I were napping on Sunday, he helped Dave put in a 6 foot fence around their yard and was rewarded with a dip in the new pool. Anyway, the three of us went across the street to go for a swim. The water was a bit chilly, but very refreshing. We stayed in for over an hour - Thanks Vermilyes for sharing with us!! While we were there, the V's neighbor's were having a new roof put on. Of course, there was a big truck lifting shingles onto the roof that took most of Jayce's attention while we were there. We even got out of the pool in time to see it loaded on a trailer and driven off. Jayce thought this was very cool.

Today, we were walking around our neighborhood (maybe it was my attempt to trick my body into having more contractions because I'm having a doctor's appointment tomorrow!) and we walked out towards the main roads. Guess what we saw there!! BIG TRUCKS!!! Jayce had fun looking for trucks on the highway in the distance and I enjoyed the break in the shade.
As I said, this week has been full of trucks and fun. Hopefully, we'll have more to report back again soon!!!

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K Mahan said...

This is great - I love seeing you guys in pictures and hearing about your everyday life.
Thank you,